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After Care

At the shop, I will clean the tattoo with an antibacterial green soap and cover the tattoo with a derm shield bandage. This will protect the tattoo against friction and bacteria. Please keep this bandage on for 5-7 days.

After 5-7 days,

  1. Gently pull the bandage off while in the shower under running water.
  2. Wash the tattoo with warm water, and a gentle unscented soap or antibacterial soap. I recommend Dr. Bronner's baby soap or Dial Gold soap.
  3. Pat dry with a clean towel.
  4. Apply a thin layer of unscented lotion. I recommend Eucerine healing lotion, Lubridem, or CeraVe.
  5. Wear loose-fitted clothing over the area and sleep on clean sheets!

Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 every morning and evening for the next 2 weeks. Also, use your discretion and clean the tattoo when it is feeling dirty (especially after a workout).

Your healing tattoo will scab and become itchy. This is normal! Do not itch, scratch, or pick off any scabs. This will leave the tattoo looking patchy.

Keep your new tattoo out of the sun and do not submerge it in water for 2-3 weeks! This includes swimming, bathing, or going in saunas/hot tubs, etc.

To keep your tattoos looking good for the long haul, continue moisturizing and make sure to wear a strong SPF when going in the sun.